The story of


Head of IT Business Solutions

My career

I joined Danone 10 months ago. My start was really smooth as I had a warm welcome and everyone was very open to me and my questions. I am responsible for HR and Finance IT applications and lead a team of three.

Only a few weeks after I arrived, I had the positive feeling that I belong to Danone for much longer.

My work

In our cluster we are responsible for three countries and the four business units, that is really interesting. So we have a combination of proximity with the colleagues and the multinational company in the back. We support colleagues in our cluster who use our HR and Finance applications. We act as process experts and help to find solutions.


What I really like about working for Danone is the variety of people and colleagues from all over the world. You meet a lot of different characters every day. My team, for example, consists of people from France, Italy, Mexico. Of course I speak English everyday and can use French as well. We have younger talents and people who are more experienced, the perfect mix and match.