The story of


Director Human Resources

My career

I started in 2005 at Danone and was back then responsible for personal and organizational development for Dairy Germany. Then I did several career steps within the organization. I would call them classical steps for career in Danone, almost every year a new responsibility, new step and so on. In 2009, I moved to Danone Waters with the overall responsibility for HR and came back to Munich as HR Director for DACH and since summer 2017 with additional responsibility for Italy and Greece.

My career steps always encouraged me to learn new things.

My development

I always had great managers that challenged me to get out of my comfort zone and to take more responsibility. I have always had talks and discussions with my managers about my development goals and Danone's offers to find the sweet spot.

Leadership in Danone

Leaders in Danone have a true passion for people and to develop them. Always curious to find out the strength and potential of each and every employee to help them grow.